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Data Protocols

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Data Catalog Protocols

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API & Web Service Discovery

Generic Data Protocols

Data Catalog Ontologies

Civic Data Ontologies

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Domain Specific Standards

This is a list of different data types which may or may not have standards associated with them. In cases where there are not standards, links to case studies or potential defacto standards may be applicable. See also and European semantic interoperability assets

General Standards

  • Contacts - vCard and PortableContacts (webfinger also allows profile lookup by email address)
  • Calendars & Events - iCal
  • Documents - HTML, ePub, ODF:ODT (PDFs are not a standard for machine readable documents, they’re a standard for preparing print documents)
  • Spreadsheets & Databases - CSV, ODF:ODS, SQL, XML, JSON
  • Web Login & Authentication - OpenID
  • Permissions & Authorization - oAuth and LDAP
  • Activity Streams -
  • Status Updates & Commenting - oStatus