Cities/Counties that Share Zoning Data for Bulk Download in Geospatial Format*

Albuquerque, NM Ann Arbor, MI Arvada, CO Austin, TX Baltimore, MD Boulder, CO Chicago, IL Denver, CO Grays Harbor County, WA Lexington, KY Los Angeles, CA New Orleans, LA New York, NY Palo Alto, CA Philadelphia, PA Portland, OR (by request) Washington, DC (search ‘zoning’) *for Massachusetts’ cities see also MassGIS & MassGIS intro below.

Apps Created to Visualize Zoning Data

Zoner, an Android app for visualizing allowable density in New York City. 2nd City Zoning, an app that allows users to query addresses for zoning data in Chicago, and visualizes land use using SimCity inspired coloring. Zonability, a commercial example of interpreting/sharing zoning data for property owners. Currently has two cities in Texas available.

Data Standards

All data shared above is shared for a single local jurisdiction (municipality) and data is not standardized across locations.

There are a few limited examples of jurisdictions that have attempted to integrate and standardize zoning data across municipalities for the purposes of analysis. MassGIS, a statewide data collection and distribution effort in Massachusetts, is one. In order to create a single statewide zoning layer, a simplified list of 21 land uses and densities was created and some simplifying assumptions were made. A full description is here.

In the Portland, OR metro region, the Regional Land Information System (RLIS) has collected and shared zoning data across local jurisdictions [ here]