Help develop Civic Commons and contribute towards our Wiki! We have an immediate need for researchers to assist with the following tasks:

  1. Organize Wiki
    1. Create a topical map/tree of the Wiki currently in place.
  2. Work with Civic Commons team to develop outline for Wiki (whether that is a revision of the current outline, or just a building out of the current outline).
  3. Identify missing topics in Wiki and add them. These could be individual topics of interest to our volunteers, for example:
    1. privacy issues.
    2. Research and write-up on the topic “Lessons learned from those before us.”
    3. Forms used in practice with our engagements.
  4. Add links to articles/organizations falling under topics already present in the Wiki
  5. Personal stories or experiences from Government IT staff with reusing technology within government.
    1. Create an outline or a template that would guide staff in generating such a story.
    2. If you are government IT staff, create such a story and add it to our wiki!
  6. Generate or discover what research material is not available by any other organization and include on wiki.
    1. Analysis of important documents released to the public pertaining to Civic Commons goals, such as:
      1. The DoD Open Technology Development Guide
      2. Older doc (from 2003) Use of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) in the U.S. Department of Defense
    2. Curate (look for partner organizations) documents or best practice guidance obtained from Civic Commons’ prior consultancy engagements.
      1. Business formation and contributor agreements
      2. Case studies
      3. Procurement materials
    3. Non-personally identifiable information from Fellows’ February interviews with stakeholders.
      1. Distillation / better organization of pain points
      2. Identification of user personas with app catalog
    4. Analysis/distillation of recent law review articles, case law, or scholarly journals about government technology reuse. This would be integrated with actual experiences with government tech reuse.
      1. Government procurement
      2. Government contracting
      3. IP issues impacting government and technology:
        1. induced patent infringement
        2. trademark sovereign immunity
  7. Develop tools for interactive referral and presentation of Civic Commons resources.
  8. Share links to the Civic Commons Wiki in other Wiki’s about government IT and FOSS or technology reuse.