This page contains a a number of organizations involved with civic innovation and technology and a number of tools for organizing communities around civic innovation.

Non Governmental Organizations

Funders & Foundations

Foundations which include a focus on civic innovation and technology

Open Source

See Open Source for Government

Open Source for NGOs

Open Data

Regional Government Alliances & Networks

See the Digital Communities article Capitalizing on Collaboration

Groups focused on Organizing

Tools for Organizing

Currently being constructed by Noel at CodeforAmerica (dot) org Reference: Organizations with training material

  • How to Get started (CfA Unconference Session - How to get started in a city)
  • How to communicate with your community
    • Welcome to a community (Template: Sample Concierge Responses)
    • Monthly Email Template
    • Recruitment of brigade members
    • Websites and Meetups
    • Social Media outlets?
    • Community Ideation
  • How to: outreach and building partnerships
  • How to: Metrics and Tracking for Your Brigade
    • Attendance
    • Apps
  • How to: Negotiating with Government
  • How to: Host a Hacknight (Video)
  • How to: Sponsorship, Expenses, and Budgeting
  • How to: Keeping a community calendar
  • How to: Marketing & Branding
  • How to: Use the tools we recommend
  • How to: A Hackathon
  • How to: Host a hacknight (CfA Brigade Blog Post)
  • How to: A Civic Apps Challenge
  • What is Civic Hacking (Civic Hacking 101)