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The City of Mississauga passed legislation, Freedom of Information Policy Act, in May 2009. Following the enactment, more data was released based on frequently asked “FOIL” (a U.S. term) requests. The following defines the definitions of open data–

  • The Freedom of Information Policy Act provides individuals with a right of access to certain records under the custody or control of the City, in accordance with the principles that:
    • information should be available to the public;
    • necessary exemptions from the right of access should be limited and specific; and
    • decisions on the disclosure of information should be reviewed independently of the institution controlling the information.
  • While providing these rights of access, the Act also protects the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves.
  • In accordance with the Act, the City may refuse to disclose the following types of records:
    • draft by-laws, record of closed meetings
    • advice or recommendations
    • law enforcement
    • economic or other interests
    • solicitor-client privilege
    • danger to safety or health
    • published information
    • limitations on access to own personal information
  • In accordance with the Act, the City must refuse to disclose the following types of records:
    • relations with governments
    • third party information
    • personal information