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Building a Sustainable and Innovative Platform - Manor Labs and Innobucks

  • Manor Labs is a citizen collaboration platform that the city deployed for citizens to submit technology ideas for the city and rate the ideas of others. Manor then chooses some of the proposals for implementation. The twist is the city has an incentive for fueling activity on the platform. Every time someone submits an idea, comments another’s idea, or votes on an idea, that person wins “Innobucks points.”
  • The various citizen activities within Manor Labs are worth different amounts of Innobucks, which can be turned in for tangible prizes. For example, one million Innobucks points wins “mayor for the day” status, while 400,000 points can be traded for a ride-along with the police chief. GovTech Article
  • The City of Manor developed a plan to stabilize their economy through technology and civic engagement.
  • Established a common open innovation platform that has not only engaged citizens in the innovation process, but the political process as well.
  • Citizens are now “engaged” in their local government. They have a platform that allows them to work hand-in-hand with city state to make the community better.
  • Collaboration with other agencies has provided an opportunity to share the R&D from Manor Labs to benefit other communities that are working on solving similar problems.
  • Provide tangible rewards for participation on the platform such as: being mayor for a day, ride out with the Police Chief, rare custom-framed Texas flag.
  • Generated 46 ideas and 2 fully implemented solutions after only 1 month of being active.
  • Identified numerous internal and external processes that could be corrected to increase efficiency and cut costs.
  • It provided a proof-of-concept for major cities, such as the QR codes that allows the cities to perform some analytics and use technology to facilitate civic participation.
  • The transparency movement helped Manor consolidate the software packages into one program for the entire city (6500 people)
    • The context adds value to the data available, which is available through the QR codes. Tagging many of the cities’ assets allows the people to obtain details about the project.

With the implementation of the open innovation platform, Manor Labs has been contacted by numerous government agencies from across the world to learn how they’ve turned ideas into solutions. Manor Labs is fast becoming a prime example of how open innovation has generated successful results in a government setting.