Data Platforms

This page is meant to catalog generic data platforms rather than platforms that are oriented at a specific domain or kind of dataset. For platforms aimed at specific kinds of data, please go through the Civic Ontology list.

For lists of data catalogs – the actual data, not the software platforms behind the data – see Open Data Initiatives and especially the comprehensive lists of open government data catalogs.

Data Repositories

Geospatial Data Platforms

Data Catalogs

Catalog denotes that the system links-to and provides metadata about data hosted elsewhere rather than acting as a repository for the data itself.

Cloud SaaS Data Platforms

Standalone Services

Services which are all served under one web address

  • Google Fusion Tables (Only partially used by California. Not as a whole platform.)
  • FigShare - Encouraging scientific researchers to publish all of their data.
  • GeoCommons by GeoIQ - World Bank maps, InterAction NGOQuest, and UNEP Grid-Arendal data catalogs
  • YourMapper - National, state, and local government datasets in maps, mobile, api

Data Platform Survey

This list is just meant to survey technology platforms for organizing and publishing data; for information on data catalogs themselves (i.e., focused on the data, not the software), see the pointers at the top of this page.

Data Standards

See the Data Standards page.