This page is meant to cover different types of geospatial jurisdiction boundaries and the basic metadata associated with them. There is a separate project called DemocracyMap which aims to better wrangle jurisdiction boundary data along with some of the broader metadata itself. You might also be interested in Address data

Common National Boundaries

In the United States, the Census provides boundary data for most high level jurisdictions, but hyperlocal data is more difficult to find. In the UK, you should be able to find all the boundary data you need via Ordnance Survey. Here’s a direct link to a 243mb zip file with all UK boundaries (hosted by openstreetmap) and you can learn more about UK Boundary Line data at Ordnance Survey.

Some of the main boundary data from the US Census is:

See for a full list of datasets

Local Boundaries

Many of these can be synonyms:

  • Borough
  • Ward
  • Census Tract
  • Neighborhood
  • Police Precinct
  • Voting Precinct
  • City Council District
  • Public Utility District
  • Port District
  • Parks & Recreation District
  • Public Hospital District
  • Fire District
  • Water District
  • Block
  • Building Lot
  • Address

Other Areas

  • Airport
  • Beach
  • Campground
  • Cemetery
  • Park
  • Parking Facility
  • Playground
  • RV Park
  • Zoo


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